Timeo's Family

September 14th, 2010, 2:06 am

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Reply Jem, September 13th, 2010, 11:09 pm

Art by Tateshi-san!

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Reply Jem, September 13th, 2010, 11:10 pm

Kyle (39 years old) is the guardian of Timeo and his siblings when their father suicide. He's a businessman. He's like a father for his cousins, especially Adriana because she doesn't know well her real father, but he had many problems with Derek. He loves his cousins and is nice with them. Sometimes he can get mad but quickly calm down, because he say is useless to fight for nothing. His eyes are dark brown and his hair are black. He's muscular also. He always called Timeo "Tim", but if this one had made problems he call him by his first name.

Ryan (up left) and Criss (down left) are twins (22 years old) and the first big brothers of Timeo. They work at a store of practical jokes. They love joking with Adriana and bothering Derek. They're like the clowns of the family.They are always togheter like Fred and Georges in HP. They can be serious sometimes, but not when is there something to make jokes like if they meet Star with Timmy, they would bother him like he's in love with her and others. They can have girlfriends, but they always break up with...their eyes are green and their hair are brown. They're muscular but a little bit thiner than Timeo. They call him Timmy.

Derek (19 years old) is the 2nd big brother of Timeo. He doesn't really like his family,even his little sister but especially Timmy, we don't know why. He always call Timmy Padfoot. Before he was a bit more happier before their mother left them. When their father died, he was really depressering and got darker and darker. The scar that he have is made by a big fight that he get with Timmy, because he said something about Timmy who had argued and he get mad and attacked Timmy. He love metal, rock musics, percings, gore movie, alcohol... He's strong but much more thiner than our Timmy. His eyes are yellow and his hair are orange on the top and black below.

Adriana (9 years old) is the little sister of Timeo. She does like a little mother, like doing the lundry or waking up her brothers, doing breakfast and all. She can't go in school because she have an illness that doesn't make her going outside when it isn't cloudy, but she have a private teacher so like that she can still can do school's things. She likes her big cousin and her brothers, exept Derek, because she scared by him. She's a playful girl and a very cute girl, when she's angry she turns her back to everybody, but she can forgive easily when we her some candies. She's really close to Timeo because he is nice with her, was always alone and he's always bullied by Derek. She got green eyes and black hair. She likes cooking, her Teacher, birds, purple things, ...

they all are Grims so their have all the birthmark like Timmy(Adriana's is still on the developping stage) and they can easily transform into black dogs (poor Timmy^^' ).

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