Name: Timeo Sinistros
Nicknames: Tim/ Timmy/ Padfoot (like Sirius in HP)
Age: 16
Birthday: Sept. 13th
Height: 5'10"
Species: Grim (black dog) / Turning into one is really hard for him.

Timeo is a quiet guy, but not shy at all. He's the kind of person who doesn't bother others and doesn't do anything in their business.He's really kind, but he can get really mad if we bother him on something he doesn't like. He and his siblings are living with their big cousin Kyle, because when he was only 7 his mother left them and few months later his father suicide, so he never talk anything about his parents to anyone. He has 3 big brothers Ryan, Criss and Derek and a little sister Adriana. Even if he looks like a real man, he loves cuddly animals, but also horror/action films, games, skateboard, sculpting woods, martial arts and steaks. He dislikes sweets, football, to be bothering when he sculpt, bad guys and mostly CARROTS!

Name: Suenagaku Drury
Nicknames: Suen or Sen
Age: 17
Birthday: May 1st
Height: 5'6"
Species: Jian, the bird. A mythical bird supposed to have only one eye and one wing: a pair of such birds dependent on each other, inseparable, hence, represent husband and wife.
Personality: To strangers: Sen is a cold person. He doesn't like being touched by people he doesn't know. He is violent as well and easily snaps. To Friends: He is sarcastic and an ass; however, he is loyal and can be nice at times. He enjoys hanging out and playing basketball. With Starla, Timeo, and Celeste he's up for anything. Those three are his BFFLs To Love interest: He loves Celeste so much. He would do anything for her. Sen is quite lovey dovey over her, and doesn't mind showing it.

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Name: Celeste Marie Malone
Age: 17
Birthday: February 14
Height: 5'1"
Species: Husky/Wolf Demon Mix
Personality: Celeste tends come off as quiet and shy; however, she is not those personality traits. In fact, she can be 'bite' back if somebody is rude to her. She always has something to say even if it's the wrong thing. The wolf demon cares about all her friends to the point of putting herself in harm's way to protect them. In a way, she's a very good huntress as she'll hunt down those that harm her friends. She is a wolf after all.

Celeste was not born in the city. She was born into the pack that her mother used to consider home. She was the product of a rogue wolf demon and a female, high placed wolf demon. Due to the rogue status of the male wolf, her pregnancy wasn't held in high regard; however, they had allowed her to stay with the pack due to her friendship with the alpha female. When Celeste was born, everybody had adored her. The alpha male wasn't so thrilled about the new female pup; however, he tolerated Celeste due to his bond with the alpha female.

When Celeste around a few years old [wolf demons age slower than actual wolves], she had noticed that her mother was not anywhere near her. Searching for her mother, she had spotted the she-wolf with the alpha male. He was harshly talking to her before he just smashed her against a tree. Celeste yelped in shock as she tried to go help the silver female. Unfortunately, the alpha female had held her with a paw. Celeste couldn't do anything while the lead wolf just tortured her mother. He had come to realize that Celeste was a nuisance due to her black fur coloring. It meant death and hard-living for the pack that carried a black furred wolf demon. Managing to escape, the small she-wolf bit the back of the alpha's neck. He howled before shaking her into a tree. Celeste fell with a thud as she managed to get on her paws. Her mother just looked at her in a fearful way. Growing, Celeste's eyes started to glow a light, icy blue color. She froze the alpha male's paws to the forest floor before running off. But, before she could escape, he freed a paw and managed to give her the three scars that are on her shoulder.

The both of them managed to escape to the city. Her mother had turned into a human, grabbed some clothes, and wrapped the crying wolf pup in a blanket. Eventually, she managed to find a job that gave them a home, and then she sent Celeste to school. Celeste gladly went to a school. It was in high school that she met a lot of good friends and somebody even more.

Name: Estella Lucette Dae
Nickname(s): Stella or Stell
Age: 16
Birthday: December 21st
Height: 5'3"
Species: Reaper